Tony Giordano’s “The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking” is a No 1 International Best Seller

Tony Giordano’s The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking recently became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, where it led the charts in nine categories internationally.

The Social Agent gives readers insight on how to use a simple approach to social media to grow a business and a professionals production. The Social Agent teaches readers why they must build their own brand online with some easy to follow strategies that can give a substantial increase in sales and productivity.

My Style: Tony Giordano, President and Luxury Realtor, The Opulent Agency

Number of years in real estate: 18

Describe your look: James Bond…”Did I say that out loud?”

What do you consider a “fashion don’t?” Being trendy rather than professional

Speakers - Tony Giordano

Author, national speaker, and celebrity real estate agent, Tony Giordano currently is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Giordano International Inc. The company is based out of Los Angeles Calif. which is an international real estate referral and re-location company and provides his speaking and training products and services.

Tony began his career in real estate in 1998 developing a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry, from being a top lending agent and executive in real estate finance, to the sales side of the business as a top real estate agent in residential, commercial, investments, development, etc…

Tony Giordano Million Dollar Listing

REP Interactive Coldwell Banker On Location Agent Tony Giordano in Ventura and Santa Monica California expressing his new social marketing and social networking tactics for real estate.

Tony Giordano Speaking On Online Marketing to 10,000 REALTORS

10,000 plus REALTORS in attendance, author of the bestselling book, 'the social agent' and National Speaker Tony Giordano presented Online Presence vs Present Online and the modern day approach to Lead-Generation and Luxury Real Estate Marketing.

Tony Giordano - C-Suite Advisor Since 2014

Tony Giordano is a published author, national public speaker, consultant and guest on Bravo TVs ‘Million Dollar Listing’. Tony is the CEO / Founder of Giordano Industries and began his career in real estate in 1998 developing a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry.

Four things to know about ultra-high net worth clients

Celebrities and the ultra rich, to put it simply, buy differently than most other people (and that includes most other luxury buyers). And if you’re an agent hoping to break into that small, exceedingly exclusive but uber lucrative niche, there’s a few things you need to understand about your would-be clients. When we sat down with Tony Giordano, ultra-luxury agent and president of The Opulent Agency, he shared with us what some of those things are.

The profits made from flipping homes continues to shrink

Even as more investors are flipping homes, they're seeing less profits in return.

High home prices, increasing renovation costs and a skimpier supply of distressed properties are making it more expensive to get in the game, even though demand for move-in ready homes is high.


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